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Model 8620 Universal Touch Screen Stat with Humidity Control

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Electronic Thermostats

8400 Series Model 8570 Model 8600
Model 8710 Model 8800 Model 8910

The 8400 Series has models available to suit your applications and are dual powered, so no extra wires are needed when changing out older thermostats. Advanced features such as air filter and water panel service monitors, adjustable calibration, and simplified programming make it a great choice for zoning or stand-alone applications.

The Model 8476 combines the features of our Model 8466 universal, programmable thermostat with Event Based Control of the HVAC system's fan. This allows the consumer to automatically circulate air throughout their home periodically throughout the day or for a specific period of time to provide greater comfort through cleaner air and more even temperatures. The 8476 will also tell the consumer when it is time to change the air filter.

The Model 8570 is truly the all-in-one thermostat for all types of applications. This model is field configurable for programmable or non-programmable operation and controls all types of heating and cooling equipment. It also offers a full array of advanced features to satisfy the needs of any of your customers.

The Model 8600 Touch Screen thermostat is the easiest most intuitive thermostat to set up, install and use. A truly universal thermostat, the 8600 fits nearly every application and is designed to be both installer and homeowner friendly. With an exclusive "message center" there are no codes to remember and no manuals to reference, plus the 8600 provides valuable feedback and instructions to the homeowner. With features like programmable fan, dual power, built in dual fuel, large 10.3 sq. in. screen, vacation hold, a no cost custom imprinting program and much much more, the 8600 is the thermostat for the contractor and homeowner who desire sophisticated simplicity. The 8600 is configurable to operate in commercial applications as well.

Model 8600 Product Simulator

The Aprilaire Model 8600 touch screen thermostat is here! Try it today right from your PC.

Use your mouse to click on the virtual thermostat "Product Demo" below.

Note: Virtual Thermostat featured above is only a representation of the actual product. In some cases, this representation may not function exactly like the product itself.

The 8600 is the easiest most intuitive touch screen thermostat on the market. Check out the real language installer set up. To enter the installer set up set the MODE to OFF press the MENU button then press and hold the SETUP button for 7 seconds, when INSTALL SETUP up appears release the button and push it again. Check out these great features too:

  • Large 10.3 sq. in. Backlit Display
  • Dual Fuel Operation
  • Built-In Dual Fuel Kit - Requires Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Dual Power
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Programmable Fan and Circulate Fan Mode
  • Free Custom Imprinted Battery Covers

Model 8710 Wireless Thermostat

Thermostat Control Module

The Model 8710 is Aprilaire's first wireless thermostat. Wireless thermostats offer the ultimate in installation flexibility in zoning applications or when an HVAC upgrade would require additional wires to be run through the walls. The 8710 is a two piece system comprised of the Thermostat and the Control Module.

Wireless control up to 100' transmission range

  • Universal Thermostat
  • Single Stage or Multi-Stage
  • Heat Pump or Heat/Cool
  • 3 Heat/2 Cool
  • 7 Day Programmable, 4 Events/Day or Non-programmable
  • Copy Function for Easy Schedule Programming
  • Temporary and Permanent Hold
  • Auto Changeover
  • Built-in Dual Fuel Operation
  • Adjustable Differential for all 3 Stages
  • Optional Staging Based on Time
  • Backlight
  • Installer settable maximum heating and minimum cooling set-point temperatures
  • Adjustable Compressor minimum on/off times

Control Module has multi-color LED to indicate type of HVAC call and communication status
Easy addressing function allows multiple 8710 to be used in same location
5 year warranty

TerminalsW1/B, O, W2/E, Y1, Y2, G
Wireless Communications915 MHz, Proprietary Protocol
Rangeup to 100'
Thermostat Power2 @ AA Batteries
Control Module Power24V AC, 2.4 VA
Thermostat DimensionsW 5.00" x H 4.50" x D 1.00"
Control Module DimensionsW 5.09" x H 2.65" x D 1.10"

The Model 8910 Home Comfort Control consists of two components, the User Interface and the Equipment Control Module.
The user Interface, located in the living space, integrates all indoor air quality functions - heating/cooling, humidification/dehumidification, air cleaning and ventilation in on attractive, easy-to-use, touch screen control.
The User Interface offers homeowners the ability to easily set all of their IAQ and HVAC product from one location in the living space. The primary screen indicates how to easily activate and control set points. In addition, the display provides the homeowner with confirmation that the equipment is operating at the desired control setting.

HVAC Automation

Aprilaire HVAC automation systems: sophisticated HVAC controls that integrate with market leading whole-home or light commercial business automation systems.

The Model 8800 is our "smart" thermostat designed for today's smart homes. The "smarts" the thermostat possess is an open communications protocol that allows for a home automation system to control the thermostats remotely. This adds convenience for the homeowner by controlling multiple systems, HVAC included, from their touch screens, smart phones and tablets.

The Model 8826 system controller is a standalone HVAC Automation controller which greatly simplifies the management of a building's HVAC system and helps reduce energy costs. Churches, schools, clinics, office buildings and large residential projects are just a few applications for this product.

Key features include:

  • Centralized control of up to 24 Aprilaire Model 8870 or 8800 thermostats/humidistats
  • Web-based interface works on all popular web-browsers
  • Requires no "programming", just click and go
  • Four Master Schedules plus Individual Schedules provide energy savings with flexibility
  • Holiday schedule and Vacation hold makes saving energy easy even while the building is unoccupied
  • Simplify HVAC monitoring with E-mail alerts for service reminders or when building temperatures or humidity exceed set limits


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